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  • What is Christian's Crusade?

    Christian's Crusade is an organization that is being designed to help bring awareness to suicide prevention and mental health issues. Letting people know that there are places that they can turn to for help and education is the first step in bringing awareness to the forefront. This is why we are wanting to help raise funds for the St. Joseph County Suicide Prevention Center and the Elkhart County Suicide Prevention Coalition.

    Our mission is to fight to increase awareness of Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Issues. By raising funds to help support these two important organizations we will be following our mission and also helping organizations that are also trying to bring awareness to the forefront by educating the public with the programs they offer. These programs cost money to operate and expenses are not easy to come by for organizations trying to help people. It is for this reason that we are having an awareness day fundraiser on October 1, 2016. The proceeds from this event will be given to the St. Joseph County Suicide Prevention Center and also to The Elkhart County Suicide Prevention Coalition.

    If you feel like this is a worthy cause and would to help contribute to our cause, please feel free to contribute to our crusade. Our goal is to help every person and family that needs help. These are very big goals but with community support we can face the challenge together. Thank you for your support.


    On March 29th, 2016 Christian Turner lost his battle with bipolar disorder. Christian fought a very lengthy battle with his illness but over time was unable to defeat this opponent. During his fight, he spent much of his time educating himself about mental health issues. This allowed him to attempt to educate friends and family that surrounded him. This educating process was a part of his battle plan to help us understand what he was going through.

    Christian often said that we could not totally understand or relate to all the daily struggles he was living with because we only could see them from the outside looking in. His goal was to help us see them from the same view he had to so that we could better relate to his circumstances involving these day to day challenges. He made great strides in teaching us about his illness and how it affected him daily. He often explained why he felt the way he did, but he also explained that whatever emotion he was feeling could change at the drop of a hat. Fighting this battle everyday finally wore Christian down until he wasn’t able to fight anymore.

    Christian may have lost his battle, but he left hundreds of warriors ready to step up and continue fighting this war. Christian’s Crusade is being created to help these warriors fight to bring awareness to suicide prevention and mental illness.

    Christian’s Crusade is being designed to help other organizations build their resources so that the public can be better educated. Also, as the crusade grows, Christian’s Crusade will begin to start educating the public by working churches, schools, or any group interested in finding ways to bring awareness of these issues to the public.

    Christian’s Crusade is in the beginning stages of development, but there are big plans for the future. Presently, Christian’s Crusade is in the process of trying to help raise money to help the St. Joseph county of Indiana Suicide Prevention Resource Center educate the people of St. Joseph County. Hopefully as money is raised Christian’s Crusade can begin to work with the center to help educate the public also. It is Christian’s Crusade goal to raise enough money yearly to add at least one county a year to the group of Suicide Prevention Centers we can support.

    Christian’s Crusade is in the very early stages of development, which means we are also learning the best ways to help the community. We are always willing to listen to suggestions and ideas from people that can be used to help us achieve our goal of preventing suicide caused by untreated mental illnesses. We will never be able to help everyone but every person we can help is one more person who can stand with us to win the war.

    Christian’s Crusade is set to kick off on October 1st, 2016 with a Christian’s Crusade Ride for Awareness Motorcycle Ride that will take place on this date. After the ride there will be a benefit for education at the Mishawaka FOP lodge 91 that will feature local bands, food, drinks, and a silent auction from 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM. There will be more information on this event as the time gets closer. Mark the calendar for October 1st, 2016 as this kickoff event is going to be the start to winning the war to increase awareness for suicide prevention and mental health issues.